Warning of the Week from the Queen of Estate Sales

Los Angeles magazine writer Dave Gardetta profiled estate sale maven Cynthia Abernethy in our pages last year. I’m a big fan of her sales and attend regularly. She’s got the best houses, she’s always cordial and extremely fair to her regular customers. However, if you break her rules, the hammer comes down. This weeks’ choice quote from Cynthia’s email dispatch:

“The guy who bought the Dr.’s buggy at the Eagle Rock Sale a few months ago has never picked it up so if anybody out there has a horse and no cart let me know! 

Hall of Shame:

Friday was fun. I got to eject someone for jumping the line before the sale even started, she had some lame excuse that she signed up on the list. There never has been and never will be a list. Thanks to one of my good customers I now know who her partners are too. Please do me a favor and take yourselves off the E-mail list and don’t come back. 

I got to end the day yelling at someone too. This time the offenders lived on the block. A couple of my sharp eyed customers saw her and her daughter hide a purse in an upper cabinet and push it way far back with a hanger. All of this because I would not give her $5.00 off the price. She also hounded several of my staff members for a discount too. Is it worth getting called a thief in public (on your street no less) What is your time worth? What kind of values are you teaching your teenage child? Do you do that at Nordstroms too? Some people have no shame.”

Photograph by Michael Kelley