Vintage Disneyland is Frozen Out by a New Attraction


Photograph by 5x5 Photo Studios

Those snow people from Frozen have taken out one of my favorite little moments at Disneyland: the charming little windmill scene from Walt Disney’s 1937 film The Old Mill. The miniature has been a part of the Storybook Land Canal Boats ride for decades. It is being replaced this week with a model of the town of Arendelle from Frozen. In 2012, a princess meet-and-greet replaced the sweet Carnation Plaza Gardens, Walt’s favorite place to dance. Sure that ice movie made more than a billion dollars (and you are still humming Let It Go), but go watch The Old Mill, and you’ll be so much more moved by a group of animals escaping a storm. What a beautiful little film; a nine-minute rumination on the mysteries of life with a score by Johann Strauss. It is a thrilling disaster movie and a profound vision of love, fear, birth, and death. I guess both films won the Oscar, but the heart of The Old Mill still beats strong and that other one is just frozen.