Vintage Cover of the Week – December, 2000

We here at Los Angeles magazine recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in a big way. We’re very proud of our wonderful publication and as much as we are always looking forward to the next issue, sometimes we want to shine the spotlight on our illustrious past. Our predecessors here created some damn cool stuff, and with six hundred bound issues at my fingertips, this is a good time to dig out my favorites and share them with you. And just like that, your new favorite feature is born: Vintage Cover of the Week. 

Since I like to say I’ve been a staffer at the magazine since the 20th century, I count this December, 2000 issue as my first. I started out as a freelancer just before Christmas that year and loved this issue. My favorite story was a feature on “Almost Famous” Angelenos like “Trader” Joe Coulombe, coffee shop designer Helen Fong and Beach Boys songwriter Van Dyke Parks. The cover painting by Bill Nelson obviously celebrates the 40th anniversary, but is cast with a kaleidoscopic clash of partying Angelenos (some hidden behind the gatefold) ranging from physicist Richard Feynman to L. Ron Hubbard. I love Buffy Chandler’s chic houndstooth, E.T.’s jammies and Frank Gehry’s hat. The group is extreme – I highly doubt Howard Jarvis and Bob Mackie were ever at the same soirée – but when I saw Ed Roth’s Rat Fink staring back at me, I knew I was at the right place.