Video Village With Ask Chris: The Mermaid Swims Away


The Mermaid is gone. After (what I’m interpreting as) a 97-year-run, Thelen’s Mermaid, at the heart of the Hermosa Beach Strand, served their last scotch and steak this morning at 2 a.m. Late owner “Boots” Thelen’s daughter-in-law managed the beloved restaurant and kept the tradition alive… until a developer knocked on the door of the property listed at $24.5 million. Looks like it might be demolished or temporarily house a “Killer Shrimp” restaurant, but a pricey beach hotel is inevitable. Easy Reader has the details

I loved this place for the community of regulars, the strange mix of elegance and funk and just for surviving as a weird seaside relic for almost a hundred years.  Esquire called it one of the Best Bars in America. Yelp reviewer Penny L. called it a “Hellhole that smells (like) a nursing home.” Either way, you can’t go there anymore, so enjoy this clip of singer Joe Cipolla at the piano bar on the sand.