Video Village With Ask Chris: Rockford Files Time Travel


Turns out a Pontiac works just as well as a DeLorean for time travel. The editor of the Pasadena Star-News wrote a nice piece on vintage L.A. street scenes in the 70’s detective show The Rockford Files that sent me looking for the best chases. Check out these mustachioed baddies peeling out of the Safeway in Pacific Palisades. It’s still there, but in the 21st century houses a CVS pharmacy. All this excitement really makes me want to borrow a Firebird and head to the Rockford Festival in Paradise Cove next weekend. (Updated Fri. 10:36 a.m.: Reader Steve R. writes in to say that the festival has been cancelled.) Last year somebody brought the answering machine from Rockford’s Malibu trailer. Ooh! Click here for details.