Video Village With Ask Chris: Remnants Of The Red Car


Our Metro system is the descendant of more than a century of public transportation dating back to the Los Angeles Railway, the famous Pacific Electric Red Cars and trolley lines going back to 1873. For decades you could pay a base fare and transfer between lines with a paper ticket. These transfers were eliminated a few years ago and today most riders pay with a monthly or daily pass. Earlier this week I spotted this curiosity from a Metro customer and it reminded me of that urban legend about how the space shuttle is related to the Roman chariot. This strange little ticket, issued today as a refund or emergency fix, is largely unchanged from 50 or even 100 years ago. The distinctive little punch marks and the way of marking the date and time are still pretty much the same. I love these little treasures. Now, stay tuned for a thrilling chase sequence!

Historic photos: Metro Transportation Library and Archive