Video Village With Ask Chris: Monster Park Roars Back To Life Tomorrow Night


The fantastical creatures of Monster Park awaken tomorrow night! The City of San Gabriel is hosting a grand re-opening on Tuesday at Vincent Lugo Park where a collection of restored play structures will be unveiled.

The artwork narrowly escaped demolition when city plans for a park rehab showed sports fields where the concrete sea serpent, octopus and blue whale have been cavorting since 1965. They are the creation of sculptor Benjamin Dominguez, who designed similar parks throughout Southern California in the 1950s and ‘60s. The Los Angeles Conservancy, Friends of La Laguna and fans from around the world joined forces to save the park, which is now listed on the California Register of Historic Places.

The menagerie of fanciful sea creatures will be the backdrop for an afternoon of entertainment with bocce ball, croquet and food trucks. Just don’t feed the giant snail after dark. Or are you not supposed to get him wet? I can never remember. The party begins at 5:30 and you can make a reservation or get more information at (626) 308-2875. See you on the sand.