Video Village With Ask Chris: Meet Kitty Purry Tonight


If you went to see Spider Man last weekend you know how packed the theaters were. Ask Chris was bounced from a couple of sold out shows before ending up at a suburban multiplex where I watched a gruff looking security guard peek around before ducking into the second half of Katy Perry: Part Of Me with a Tupperware bowl full of noodles. If he had only waited a week he could have done all that and taken a picture with Miss Katy’s adorable little cat Kitty Purry.  “She was a stray, she was a slut, she was an alley cat.” The singer says about her pet. “And now she’s a big fat celebrity. I can’t even get her on the phone.” The famous feline will be at Arclight Hollywood tonight from 5-8 p.m. and at their Sherman Oaks location the following evening. Who says you don’t see stars in Hollywood?

Source Photo: Eva Rinaldi