Video Village With Ask Chris: Mad Man Muntz Shirts


I’m not a fan of the tee shirt as outer shirt, but I was so excited today when I saw these super keen Mad Man Muntz shirts by Valley Relics. Earl Muntz ran L.A. automobile dealerships in the early 1950s selling a sports car of his own design, the Muntz Jet. The inventive character also developed a custom television set and sold all sorts of weird audio equipment into the 1970s and ‘80s. He was the first to call television “TV” and even named his daughter Tee Vee. Even though he’s been gone from L.A. billboards for generations. His “crazy” salesman with the ‘low, low prices’ persona became a cliché (See: You’re killing me, Larry”) that we still enjoy suffering through some sixty years later. Check out this documentary film from 2008. Act now and get one of these shirts for the unbelievable price of $7.99.