Video Village With Ask Chris: Jack Webb’s Los Angeles


A friend shared this supercut of Jack Webb’s Los Angeles. At the start of the 1967-69 Dragnet reboot, Webb set the stage by explaining the city to the TV audience. “It’s a good place to live, says the TV cop. “We try to keep it that way.” This travelogue visits all the new landmarks of LBJ-era L.A.: LACMA, the L.A. Zoo, LAX, Dodger Stadium and of course the gleaming modern Welton Becket-designed Parker Center. Enjoy the swinging jazz soundtrack and deadpan narration with stops at the go-go clubs on the Sunset Strip, the rotting Hollywood sign barely clinging to Mt. Lee, and Webb’s quips about the “rapists, murderers, and thieves” that outnumber the LAPD 7 to 1. I buckled in for the ride with Webb when he rhapsodized about “a city that’s not afraid to experiment, where the unusual is taken for granted.”  Thank you Joe Friday.