Video Village With Ask Chris: Houseboat Living Onboard The Retro Metro


The 24-hour news and infomercial cycle creates a lot of opportunities for television personalities in this town. One I had never heard of, but who seems quite busy pitching gourmet hairspray and air-powered shoes, is the lovely Tracy Metro. She apparently hosts a makeover show called I Live With My Mom and lives onboard an L.A.-area houseboat she calls the “Retro Metro.” Dig this wacky floating home. I’m totally impressed at how she turned this tiny ship (37” ceiling in the bedroom!) into a swank pad with an ocean view. Who couldn’t admire her “Would Mork and Mindy want that in their house” aesthetic? The Zodiac lamp! The Avon gun bottles! From now on, if you don’t have to crawl under your sofa to reach your bedroom, you’re not allowed to complain about how tiny your house is.