Video Village With Ask Chris: Ellen DeGeneres, PETA chickens and a rhinestone brassiere


Ellen DeGeneres is such a rule breaker.  She wore white shoes to her Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday, a full 24 hours after Labor Day. I was shocked. Her ceremony was short and fun with introductions from Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel and a loaf of that famous Silver Lake nun-baked pumpkin bread that councilman Tom LaBonge delivered to DeGeneres’s mom Betty. “I don’t know why I didn’t get the bread!” the comedian quipped “Why are you getting the bread? You can keep the bread!” There seemed to be more placard-carrying protestors than usual at the ceremony, but these were all in love with their idol. Signs read “I’m gay for Ellen” and “Thanks for being vegan.” The fans filled the Metro station, the W Hotel and sprawled out onto Hollywood Boulevard to get a glimpse of the talk show host, her wife Portia de Rossi and brother Vance. There were even fans perched atop the marquee of the Pantages theater. Ellen made the old “Take Fountain” joke and then told a story about a childhood vacation where her family traveled from New Orleans to see the Walk of Fame and take a tour of celebrity homes. “And now today I’m getting a star on the Walk of Fame and I’m a stop on the tour of celebrity homes…Don’t come by.” Councilman LaBonge pointed me out to Ellen (“L.A. Magazine is the best! This is Chris Nichols! He’s the best!”) and I got a big smile and a nod as she raced to sign photographs, bare palms and a jumbo-sized pink rhinestone bra. I love Hollywood.