Video Village With Ask Chris: Dapper Day Hits Hollywood


Designer/artist/reality show star Justin Jorgensen created “Dapper Day” last year to make theme park guests a little more stylish. The first events, at Disneyland, were inspired by the high fashion citizens populating the original drawings of the park. Or as Jorgensen puts it “Men in sharp suits, toddlers working two-pieces, and ladies looking like a page from Dior’s sketchbook.” Tonight, the “Folly” edition of the party moves to a secret (highly themed) location in Hollywood for a city edition of the event. This evening is 21 and over and sports a dress code that allows for a “period Mad Men look” or “The latest haute couture.” I made my reservation and I’m already sporting a pair of red trousers, so I’m hoping to see you there.  Click here to RSVP.