Video Village With Ask Chris: Celebrating Zsa Zsa Gabor’s 97th Birthday With This Vintage Car Commercial


Zsa Zsa Gabor is most famous for being famous. She was a Batman villain, the Queen of Outer Space, and then there was that whole cop slapping episode in Beverly Hills. She has a star on the Walk of Fame, and the Golden Globes created a special award just for her: “Most Glamorous Actress.” Today, on her 97th birthday, let’s enjoy some vintage Zsa Zsa at the height of her opulence shilling for the new Studebaker Lark. Here she portrays the “typical American housewife” trying to select a car that will accommodate her high heels and higher hair. “I can get in and out,” she coos. “Without losing my head.” At the time she filmed the commercial in 1963 she was about to divorce husband #4 (of 9) and trying to rebuild her mansion that was destroyed in the Bel Air fire. She bought her current home in 1973 (it was listed at $350,000) and sold it last year for $11 million. Gabor’s husband made a deal for them to lease back the French Regency estate, recently seen in the films Argo and Behind The Candelabra, for as long as Zsa Zsa is still with us.