Video Village With Ask Chris: Captain Kirk, Mars and You


Built in Pasadena and headed for Mars, NASA’s Curiosity Rover has almost reached the red planet. On Sunday night, space nerds and hopeful humans everywhere will be glued to the screen awaiting word of the spacecraft’s fate. The $2.5 billion dollar craft will slow from 13,000 M.P.H. to zero in just seven minutes as it enters the Martian atmosphere and begins its search for signs of life. You can hold your breath and cheer along with them at these local events. But first, a word from William Shatner. 


Planetfest 2012

Bill Nye the Science Guy and Star Trek’s Robert Picardo join JPL director Charles Elachi in the countdown to Curiosity. Exhibits, presentations from private space entrepreneurs and a tribute to Ray Bradbury. 

Pasadena Convention Center

300 East Green St.  

Pasadena, CA

Tickets: $19-$37


NASA Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars

Griffith Observatory will be hosting three days of Mars events, including an All Space Considered lecture, a tribute to the late astronaut Sally Ride and a screening of Triumph of the Dream, a documentary about the Mars exploration program. NASA scientist Adrian Ponce will host Sunday’s live coverage.


Griffith Observatory

4730 Crystal Springs Dr.  

Los Angeles, CA

Tickets: Free, non-ticketed event


Mindshare LA Talks

Direct feed from JPL, guest speakers on Martian robotics, JPL graphic artists, “space tacos,” and booze in a futuristic venue.


Downtown Independent Theater

251 S. Main St.

Los Angeles. CA

Tickets: $10-$15


Curiosity Landing Party

This science and space museum sits only a few feet from where the space shuttle Columbia was built in Downey. There will be a live feed, loaner telescopes and kid-friendly speakers. 


Columbia Memorial Space Center

12400 Columbia Way

Downey, CA

Tickets: $5


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech