Video Village With Ask Chris: Bicycling With Bill Cosby


Happy birthday to the Cos! Bill Cosby turns 75 today and with 90°+ temperatures forecast for his Massachusetts home, here’s hoping he’s celebrating at his spread in Pacific Palisades. The esteemed Dr. William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby, Jr., Ed.D. hosted his final Playboy Jazz Fest last month but still travels all over the world telling jokes (He’s playing a gig outside of Shreveport this weekend) and playing charity gigs. Check out this PSA about the magic of bicycling he hosted in the mid-’70s. Who knew Santa Ana was so bike-forward back then? Looks like they’ve kept it up and created some kind of two-wheeled urban nirvana. Oh, and here’s a look back at Cliff Huxtable’s 50th.