Video Village With Ask Chris: Auto Focus 10th Anniversary Screening PLUS Bob Crane’s Tour Of Hollywood


Hogan’s Heroes star Bob Crane was the subject of the 2002 biopic Auto Focus, which will be screened Saturday night at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. The film starred Greg Kinnear as the ‘60s TV star who died under mysterious circumstances in a Scottsdale motel room in 1978. Twenty years earlier he was happy and carefree narrating this helicopter tour of Hollywood movie studios, which takes on ominous undertones when compared to the movie. Hearing Crane’s comments about an actress’s “nice shaker” and his delivery of “That’s it, now just tuck your skirt in. That’s right….” Are totally creepy. Kinnear will be appearing along with the writers and producers for a Q&A after the film, I wonder if he’ll do it in Crane’s voice?