Try To Figure Out These Universal Symbols


I love studio backlots (did you see Dan Winters’s amazing photo essay in our August issue?) and last weekend I remembered I had a pass to the Universal Studios Tour so I took a spin on their famous tram. The Psycho house is our Mt. Vernon and it’s amazing how the shell of a fake Victorian lives on amidst the sets still in heavy rotation. It’s always fun to cruise by the new construction and see what’s shooting – that new home of the Munsters for Mockingbird Lane is wicked (Did I just say that?) and a block away from the original one.

The entire tour takes less than an hour and then you’re dumped back into the carnival or theme park where I came across this pamphlet. I was flummoxed by some of the bizarre warning symbols. I’m a sensitive guy and appreciate that the park makes provisions for folks that need assistance, but some of these health and safety symbols are pretty far out. Who knew there was an international symbol for puking on a boat? Some of them just…No breathing in heaven? Beware of children in elevator? Please drive over pedestrians? Who dreams up these doomsday scenarios?! Post your interpretations in the comments. I’ll send the person with the best answers a one-year subscription to Los Angeles magazine.