Trash Or Treasure? Box Of Scripts On The Side Of The Road


I suppose somewhere deep in my primordial brain I’m looking for a watering hole or a hiding place, but I constantly scan the landscape looking for changes and wandering towards them to investigate. Today I spotted an elderly woman adding to a pile of debris piled on a curb in Altadena. By the time I made the turns required to get back to her, she had retreated inside the house but left behind a big pile of bound scripts for the TV show Enos. I checked IMDB on my phone and the first description that came up was “The mutant son of The Dukes Of Hazzard, McCloud, and Gomer Pyle.” Of course I immediately grabbed the entire stack. A little more poking around revealed that the show was a 1980 spinoff of Hazzard where one of the Southern cops is in love with Daisy Duke but moves to California and is hired by the L.A.P.D. Crazy! Now I’m trying to decide between staging a dramatic reading in my living room, or putting them in the Book Box in Highland Park and relinquishing the burden of stewardship. What would you do with a box full of Enos?