Top Restaurants We Lost in 2013 Part II: Old School Edition

Ten classic dining spots join the list

My colleague Daniela Galarza posted her list of defunct restaurants here on and it got me thinking about my old favorites that went to that big dining room in the sky last year. We’re grateful that some, like Henry’s Tacos, Irv’s Burgers, and Tom Bergin’s, were reborn before the year was out. Here are ten classic L.A. restaurants that didn’t make it to 2014. 

BAHOOKA  Date of closure: March 9
  What we miss: Rufus the giant Pacu.

DAMIANO’S MR. PIZZA  Date of closure: May
  What we miss: The absolute total darkness and late night hours.

ROCKY’S V  Date of closure: July
  What we miss: Cheap beer for pilots flying out of Whiteman airport.

BUGGY WHIP  Date of closure: September
  What we miss: The champagne cocktails and piano lounge.

SHERMAN ROOM  Date of closure: October 31
  What we miss: The Terry Richardson wood paneling and suspiciously cheap steaks.

TANG’S DONUT  Date of closure: December
  What we miss: The elderly chess players on picnic tables in the middle of the night.

MISSION FAMILY RESTAURANT  Date of closure: December 1
  What we miss: The last googie coffee shop in Pomona.

  Date of closure: December 13
  What we miss: Jaywalking across Sunset to the parking lot.

ENCOUNTER  Date of closure: December 31
  What we miss: The oversized lava lamps and groovy elevator music.

HAMBURGER HAMLET PASADENA  Date of closure: December 31
  What we miss: Enjoying a mid-afternoon potato patch omelet in an oversized wing chair.

Encounter photo by Monkeytime Brachiator