This Marilyn Monroe Admirer Needs a Crypt Near Her Hero


Burlesque legend Dixie Evans passed away last summer after a lifetime of tassels and sparkles. Promoters in the 1950s dubbed her the “Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque,” and she took her show on the road for years before she and other dancers opened a museum in San Pedro dedicated to showgirls. Thousands of friends and admirers passed through the “Exotic World” museum, which Evans relocated to a bizarre compound in Helendale and finally to Las Vegas where it became the Burlesque Hall Of Fame. Over the decades, she built a community (that’s dancer Clams Casino at Dixie’s side) of showgirls, strippers, and their admirers that spanned generations and stretched around the world. Now these fans are raising funds to purchase Evans a crypt near Monroe at Westwood Memorial Park. The one adjacent to Monroe is not available, Hugh Hefner purchased that spot in 1992. They’ve already pulled in most of it from 30 live performances and 100 classes. Now’s your chance to honor this performer who kept the flame burning and the sequins shaking long enough for a new generation of showgirls to thrive.

Dixie Evans Fund

Photograph by Michael Albov