11 Iconic Modernist Homes You Can Visit in L.A.

Go inside some architectural marvels

Most of L.A.’s landmark homes are owned by individuals and locked up so tight that you have to wait for an estate sale to barge your way in there. However, some enlightened owners have turned their architectural masterworks into museums that are open to the public. Visitors to the Gamble House in Pasadena can experience the same calm and serenity that the original soap barons who commissioned it were looking for. Shutterbugs can recapture Julius Shulman’s famous photo of the two ladies at the landmark Stahl house in Hollywood. Make sure to make reservations in advance and be respectful of these famous places that all started out as private homes. Here are 11 of the most amazing architectural homes in L.A. to visit.

Gamble House
1909, Greene and Greene

Clarke Estate
1919, Irving Gill

Hollyhock House
1921, Frank Lloyd Wright

Schindler House
1922, Rudolph Schindler

Ennis House
1925, Frank Lloyd Wright

Eames House
1949, Ray and Charles Eames

Case Study House #22 (Stahl House)
1959, Pierre Koenig

Neutra VDL House
1963, Richard and Dion Neutra

Sunnylands (Home of Walter Annenberg)
1966, A. Quincy Jones

Weisman art pavilion
1991, Franklin D. Israel