The Smoke House in Burbank turns 65


One of my all-time favorite old steakhouses, The Smoke House in Burbank, is turning 65 tomorrow and throwing a big party. The classic eatery is celebrating is with a series of discounts and donations including 10% of this month’s garlic bread sales being donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation… and they sell a lot of garlic bread. The restaurant was designed by the genius inventor of Las Vegas, architect Wayne McAllister, and still has a great time machine vibe. Pull past the neon “Fine Food at a Fair Price” sign and under the classic porte cochere between 4-6 p.m. and receive 25% off your meal. The rest of the promotions might require a little more math: Every Tuesday, receive 35% off (so you’re paying 65% – like the anniversary, get it?) your meal. If your birthday is October 12, 1946, you will receive a free brunch at a future visit – but only if you dine there on that date. If you also turn 65 this year, you receive a free dessert. There might be more, but my slide rule is smoking! Go get a steak, hear a band and meet your friends at the only place in town with a plaque marking George Clooney’s favorite booth.