The Otherworldy Terrain Of L.A. Bee Frass


In the current issue of Los Angeles magazine I answered a question from a reader who noticed some debris on her windshield and sent it to me in a baggie. The esteemed scientist Lawrence Wayne at Forensic Analytical Laboratories took some super hi-res photos (with an electron microscope) and I present the magnification here for your enjoyment and edification. Bee poo. The circle of life. A miracle of nature. Share with a friend. Make it a screensaver. Enjoy.

(Ask Chris)

I live under the LAX flight path, and my car is covered with disgusting brown spots. Is this plane gunk?

Turns out that the crud isn’t from passing airplanes. It’s from feasting bees. I forwarded the Ziploc bag full of tiny brown flakes you mailed me to Lawrence Wayne at Forensic Analytical Laboratories. He examined them under an electron microscope and determined the goop to be bee poop. He also pinned down exactly what the insects are eating: dandelion, eucalyptus, and pine pollen.  Sounds like a boost they’d sell at Jamba Juice.


Illustration by Jason Schneider