The Gala Reopening of the Museum of Neon Art Was a Gas


The Museum of Neon Art finally opened their new home in Glendale on Saturday night with a gala party that filled the galleries, classroom and super cool pop culture gift shop. The organization was founded in downtown Los Angeles in 1981 to preserve historic signs and exhibit new examples of electric and kinetic art. Opening night revelers spilled out across “park paseo,” a new outdoor terrace that connects the Americana at Brand shopping mall, the Glendale library, and Central park.

The museum replicated one of its largest signs, a leaky neon faucet that once graced Westwood Boulevard, as the centerpiece of the new park. The new space is devoted mostly to contemporary artworks, but it was great to see old neon friends like the Van de Kamp’s windmill and a flashing Chevy “OK” sign. The dress code was electric and I spotted an illuminated handbag from Burning Man, MONA neon cruise tour guide Eric Lynxwiler wearing a luminescent tie, and a three-dimensional neon camera around the neck of Michael Flechtner, the artist who created the “Celebrate” neon stamp for the post office. The Lightning String Quartet provided entertainment with electrified instruments straight out of a Busby Berkeley musical. Check it out here.