The Coolest TV Set You’ve Ever Seen


I’m a big collector nut and friends are always sending me eBay auctions and weird stuff they come across, but this one takes the tropical cake. I love the music of Yma Sumac, the Peruvian nightingale with the five-octave range and was lucky to meet her a few times after her shows. Maybe you’ve seen her on TV. Anyway, check out this mindblowingly cool Chinese (seller says Japanese) Modern television cabinet from the collection of the late singer, who passed away in 2008. According to this CraigsList ad, the Exotica songstress had it custom made over 50 years ago and it sits in storage with her stage costumes?! Wow! Somebody please buy this amazing piece, restore it and invite me over to watch Secret Of The Incas. I’ll make the Pisco Sours. 

Buy Yma Sumac’s TV!