The Ask Chris Guide to Art and Architecture in Inglewood


This weekend is the 9th annual open studio day in Inglewood. Forty artists are inviting visitors to see where they make their creations. The self-guided art tour stretches from Slauson to Manchester, and from La Cienega to West Avenue. While you’re shuttling between the paintings, sculpture, and installations, take a moment to appreciate the history of modern art and architecture of the “City of Champions” with this handy guide.



Mausoleum of the Golden West (Walter E. Erkes)
720 E. Florence Ave.

A PWA moderne hall on the grounds of Inglewood Park Cemetery. Inside you’ll find stained glass from the Judson Studios.


Pepperdine University (Now Crenshaw Christian Center) (Thomas Cooper)
7901 S. Vermont Ave.

The school left this streamline moderne campus in 1972 when they relocated to Malibu.


Academy Theater (S. Charles Lee)
3141 W. Manchester Blvd.

The movie house with the giant neon spiral is very well preserved as Academy Cathedral.


History of Transportation” mural (Helen Lundeberg)
1 W. Manchester Blvd.

The WPA mural depicting the history of the Centinela Valley was restored in 2008.


Three residences (Edward Lind)
423, 429, 433 Ellis Ave.

Lind worked in the offices of architect Rudolph Schindler and created three homes that open onto enclosed gardens.


Bank of America
330 E. Manchester Blvd.

Moderne bank branch


Inglewood Chamber of Commerce
330 E. Queen St.

Cited as one of the first examples of post WWII modern architecture in Inglewood.


Fox Theater (S. Charles Lee)
115 N. Market St.

This heavily damaged but highly intact theater is ripe for a comeback.


Randy’s Donuts (Henry J. Goodwin)
805 W. Manchester Blvd.

The iconic concrete donut is a landmark of programmatic architecture.


Wich Stand (Now Simply Wholesome) (Armet & Davis)
4508 W. Slauson Ave.

Googie coffee shop and drive-in turned health food store.


Sherry’s (Now Cafetales) (Martin Stern)
115 S. La Brea Ave.

Architect Stern also designed Ships coffee shops and later gained fame for his series of Las Vegas hotels.


Pann’s (Armet & Davis)
6710 La Tijera Blvd.

The ultimate googie coffee shop by the masters of the style.


The Forum (Charles Luckman)
3900 W. Manchester Blvd.

This sports stadium was restored for use as a music venue in 2014


Civic Center (Charles Luckman)
1 W. Manchester Blvd.

This brutalist city hall rises from a lush garden.


United Oil (Kanner Architects)
4700 W. Slauson Ave.

A fanciful homage to modern roadside architecture.