See the Strangest Items in Bonham’s Big Movie Auction


I am absolutely amazed that the big auction companies continue to unearth the incredible treasures from movie history that keep showing up in their catalogs. For decades, connected super fans were the only ones who could get their hands on movie memorabilia. These days, anyone with a spare $4.1 million can tool around in James Bond’s Aston Martin. Bonham’s and TCM are teaming up for another auction of classic props and costumes on November 23 in New York. The items up for grabs—including Dorothy’s Oz dress, Sam Spade’s chair from The Maltese Falcon, and a version of Citizen Kane’s Rosebud, will be previewed at the Bonham’s showroom in Hollywood this weekend. Among the goods are some real oddities, from Anthony Perkins’s burned script for Psycho to a rodent drawn by Walt Disney a decade before Mickey debuted. Check out these strange items from the upcoming auction Treasures from the Dream Factory.