Take 3 With Bill Nye

On July 21 “The Science Guy” Nye’s Planetary Society explores oceans on Earth and beyond at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

To get his body in motion, the swing dance aficionado recommends these top spots:

1) Joe’s Bar
“It has an energy and people who like to dance. There are mirrors on one wall, so it feels intimate.”

2) LindyGroove 
“It’s a young crowd from Caltech. The floor is springy—and that’s a joy to dance on.”

3) Rusty’s Rhythm Club
“They’ll have a 20-piece orchestra with a well-known bandleader like Bill Elliott, who composes his own swing music.”

Already in a dancing mood? Watch ‘Bill’ get down in this YouTube video, “Techno Remix:”

Photograph by Paul Antico