Are There More Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs than Starbucks in L.A.?

Whose caffeine reigns supreme?

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Q: When did the first Starbucks open in L.A.? And are there more Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs?

A: The ’buck and the Bean both started out by selling bags of coffee to brew at home. Not an Iced Blonde Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato in sight. Coffee Bean built its first showroom near the Brentwood Country Mart in 1968 and soon offered free samples. Starbucks debuted in Seattle in 1971 but didn’t serve its first caffè latte until 1984. The green mermaid landed at the Beverly Connection in 1991. Today L.A. County has 712 Starbucks versus 143 Coffee Beans. So. Much. Caffeine.

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