See Star Wars Action Figures Hanging Out at All Your Favorite L.A. Spots 


It would be a pretty obvious understatement to say Star Wars is everywhere. Just last night on my way to the Disney lot to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens I took a detour around Hollywood Boulevard (which had recently been closed to accommodate the Star Wars premiere), stopped outside a flower shop blaring the Star Wars theme music, and sat at a red light staring at a Star Wars billboard while listening to talk of Star Wars on the radio.

Local artist Mandy Pepperidge, who bills herself as a “photographer/nonprofit actress/heiress to the Pepperidge Farm fortune” has also been obsessed with that galaxy far, far away. Pepperidge (wasn’t she in Animal House?) has created Far Far L.A., a series of nearly 100 photographs that juxtapose iconic Los Angeles places with action figures from the movies and comic backstories for all of them. It’s so strange. Barbie Loves L.A. did a better job with this concept, without being xenophobic.

As far as the actual Star Wars movie, it provided almost machine-perfect satisfaction. It hit every peak and valley with impeccable, cybernated precision and the audience literally screamed with the introduction of each beloved character. At the same time, inspectors with night vision scopes watched their reactions from folding chairs set up in front of the screen. Emotions were properly deployed. As we passed the two-hour mark, the monitors gave up and turned their chairs towards the screen. At 135 minutes in, I looked over and discovered my guest curled up in the fetal position. Too much Star Wars! Enjoy these selections from Far Far L.A.