So Many Boysenberries at the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival


It all started with a berry, and Knott’s Berry Farm is celebrating their founding fruit with a 16-day Boysenberry Festival starting this weekend in Buena Park. More than 70 foods incorporating the berry will fill stalls throughout the original ghost town, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this summer. The incredible variety of infused foods is a far cry from Cordelia Knott’s 1936 tearoom menu comprised of sandwiches, baked ham, and her famous fried chicken.

Admission is free once you’re inside the park ($43 tickets available online) and this year’s spread will include boysenberry wine, boysenberry barbecue, boysenberry meatballs, boysenberry alligator, and boysenberry cheese on a deep fried cinnamon roll. What? Plus you can hear some good ol’ fashioned hillbilly music, revisit the old Knott’s Beary Tales characters, and win $4000 at the pie-eating contest on Saturday afternoon. Now this is the kind of can-do, county fair, yee-haw spirit I love to see at Knott’s.

Let’s end with some more Boysenberry dishes to consider: Boysenberry corn with Boysenberry butter, Boysenberry fish & chips with Boysenberry tartar sauce, Boysenberry chocolate bar, Boysenberry sausage with Boysenberry relish, Boysenberry taffy, and Boysenberry cheese curds with Boysenberry ketchup… too many Boysenberries!