Slideshow: Hanna Barbera Cartoon Art Show


This is the last weekend to catch the candy colored tribute to Hanna-Barbera at the Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks. Dig more than one hundred paintings, puppets, and far out (check out Stephen Chiodo’s taxidermied Yogi!) interpretations of the work of cartoon kings William Hanna and Joe Barbera.  Their Cahuenga Boulevard studio was the birthplace of The Flintstones, the Jetsons, Scooby Doo, and Top Cat, but also churned out dreck like The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan. Of course, the painting of Snagelpuss as Liberace is already sold, but check out the show and the amazing collection of vintage HB toys. You’ll feel like sitting on the floor with a bowl of cereal when you get home.


“The Hanna-Barbera TV Cartoon Show…In Color!”

by Mark Christiansen

Digital Painting


“Penelope Pitstop”

By Brandon Ragnar Johnson

Digital Painting


by Cherry Rae Thompson
Graphite, Acrylic & Watercolor on Rives BFK


“Fighting Deadline!”

by Willie Ito

Pencil & Pastel on Paper


“Not Smarter Than 
The Average Bear”

by Stephen Chiodo

Mixed Medium Sculpture


“Lozzi Style “

by Kali Fontecchio

Watercolor & Cel Vinyl Paint