Slide Show: The Original Taco Bell Stand Went Rolling Through the Streets Last Night


The world’s first Taco Bell rolled out of its original home in Downey last night shortly after 10 o’clock. Well wishers filled the parking lot surrounding the tiny building and spilled out onto Firestone Boulevard as a fleet of emergency vehicles tried to keep up with the speeding stand as it went booking towards a new home in Irvine. Founder Glen Bell’s original little mission-style building was followed by news trucks, a camera vehicle, a drone photo copter, carloads of fans (including a cheering Charles Phoenix), and a TV news chopper. Taco Bell brought a truck filled with tacos and burritos for the crowd to enjoy as they said goodbye to the 1962 restaurant and wished her a safe journey. The big rig towing store numero uno had a little trouble clearing the curb while my friends and I posed for photos. We had to jump out of the way as the landmark rolled backwards towards us. Of course we joked about the irony of preservationists being run over by a building. What a way to go! Stand by for future plans from #savetacobell.