Slide Show: Happy Birthday Triforium!


Forty years ago today the Triforium was unveiled at the corner of Temple and Main in downtown Los Angeles and tonight the three-legged modernist musical sculpture will be feted with a big anniversary party. Birthday well wishers will share cake under the arches as they raise funds to give the 60-ton artwork designed by Joseph Young new life with LED lights and a new computer brain that will allow people to send ‘Polyphonoptic’ compositions for the Triforium to play.

The original inauguration party was hosted by Eddie Albert from Green Acres and included a concert by folk snowman Burl Ives and the sinking of a time capsule. Tonight’s speakers include Tom Carroll, of Tom Explores Los Angeles, architectural historian Daniel Paul, and Young’s daughter Leslie. The folks behind 5 Every Day are also onboard with the restoration efforts. Visitors will be granted access to the off-limits control room and enjoy Triforium-inspired music from Dublab . The Young family shared these incredible photos from the original creation of the downtown icon in 1975.