Slide show: Frida Kahlo’s Personal Photo Album Goes on Display in Long Beach


An exhibition of photographs from the collection of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo opens this weekend (Frida Kahlo, Her Photos) at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Kahlo’s archive includes images taken by her father and grandfather, both of whom were professional photographers whose work dates back the early years of photography in Mexico. Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera received many well-known visitors at their Mexico City home, and the show includes portraits of Kahlo and her friends by Lola Ålvarez Bravo, Florence Arquin and Nickolas Muray as well as pictures that offer a window into their lives (art parties, Kahlo’s medical condition, Stalin and Trotsky, and American car factories) including images by Man Ray and Edward Weston. The museum is sponsoring special events through the spring, including a Kahlo-themed dinner, documentary screenings, and the ¡Viva Frida! Gala and auction in May. The show runs through June 8.