Slide Show: Chill at The Queen Mary

Two million pounds of carved ice have landed in Long Beach

There are so many wonders in Southern California that we sometimes forget about the giant art deco cruise ship moored down in Long Beach. I had family in town this weekend so we paid a visit to the magnificent Queen Mary for Chill, a sort of winter carnival along the shore. The Spruce Goose dome has been converted into a massive flash freezer for the installation of two million pounds of candy colored ice sculptures and an ice flume. You have to wear a loaner parka to experience the near-zero Ice Kingdom and it really is a wild sensation to wander the dome amidst the gargantuan popsicles. Your nose and toes will still be frozen when you exit through the gift shop back into the swampy night. Ride the Sea Swing, imported from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, to cool yourself down again. The show runs all this month and your ticket also allows you to board the ship, which through December is featuring a Bob Hope exhibit, paranormal tours, a royal tea in honor of Princess Diana, and culminates with a massive New Year’s Eve party.