Showing Off the Model Home

For over sixty years, the Pasadena Showcase House has raised money for youth music programs through tours of glamorous homes. The group enlists an army of designers, builders and decorators to turn decrepit (or just dowdy) old houses into, well, showcases. This year, the group brings their enthusiasm and talents to the 1927 John and Lillian Green residence in La Canada. The Paul Revere Williams-designed home is 10,000 square feet of English Country Manor fantasy that had seen better days. I visited recently (see slide show on the right) and learned that the homeowners selected for the extreme makeover move out for six months while their home is transformed. For 30 days it becomes an interior design expo that 40,000 people will enjoy between visits to the on-site restaurant, beer garden and gift shop. The homeowners can then choose to purchase the improvements (proceeds go to the music programs) or get a basic version of the house and start over. Either path offers good stories for folks fixing up their own home. Tickets are still available for Easter and Mother’s Day. Mom will love it.