7 Places in L.A. Where You Can Get Up Close and Personal with a Golden Globe Award


On Sunday evening 25 winners at the Golden Globe awards will take home 5 ½ pound of marble, zinc, and gold in a leather wrapped box. If you don’t find yourself honored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association this time around but still want to get close to the famous statuette, here are seven places where they are currently on display.

  1. Walt Disney’s office
    Uncle Walt’s office suite on the Disney lot in Burbank was recently restored to the way he left it in 1966. In addition to family photos and vintage office equipment, one of his original Golden Globes is on view. Tours are available for staff members and guests, and also through the D23 fan club.
  1. Hollywood Heritage
    The barn where Jesse Lasky and Cecil B. DeMille made Hollywood’s first movie in 1914 has actress Jan Sterling’s statue for The High and the Mighty on display.
  1. Warner Bros. studio tour
    Tourists visiting the historic Burbank lot will see sets and props and can hang out in the coffee house set from Friends. The two-hour guided tour ends at Stage 48, where you can spend as much time as you want ogling the trophy presented for The Music Man.
  1. Hollywood Museum
    The art deco Max Factor building on Highland is the repository for thousands of icons from the history of film including a special trophy presented to comedian Bob Hope.
  1. Grammy Museum
    Frank Sinatra’s HFPA award for From Here to Eternity is in the same display case as his Grammy and Oscar in the exhibit Sinatra: An American Icon.
  1. ISS Props
    Prop house owner Greg Bilson doesn’t remember how the prop house got their “reasonable facsimile” but they keep it locked up in a special cage. It is available to rent for $100 a week.
  1. Garden of Oz
    More than one acre of Beachwood Canyon has been transformed into a fantastical garden full of art including a mosaic wall with a vintage award embedded inside. The grounds are open on Thursday mornings.