Do Scientologists Actually Live in That Huge Blue Building in Hollywood?

The world may never know…

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Q: Do Scientologists actually live in that huge blue building in Hollywood?

A: It’s not clear what they do in there, but the original certificate of occupancy permits 315 “guest rooms” at Scientology’s Fountain Avenue beachhead, once home to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.

The church purchased the eight-story Art Deco tower for $5 million (in cash!) from Cedars-Sinai, which relocated to Beverly Grove in 1976. In the documentary Going Clear, a former Scientologist describes the Rehabilitation Project Force on the seventh floor as a “prison camp” where hundreds of “subversive” members were reindoctrinated.

The church’s website says that L.A. “is home to the greatest concentration of Scientologists on Earth.” Data on other planets was not available at press time.

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