Robert Goulet’s Golden Weenie Up For Auction


This is breaking my heart. Robert Goulet’s golden weenie is being offered for sale at Julien’s Auctions. Goulet, who died in 2007, created the 14K gold hot dog as a gift for his aunt Alice. Auntie believed in the starving young performer and helped him out in the years before his breakout role in Camelot. The auction catalog tells the story of the young Goulet visiting the aunt and scarfing down one of her apple pies. She told him he still looked hungry, slipped him $10 and told him to “buy yourself a hot dog.”  When the 26-year-old hit it big, he paid her back with this memento. She left it to him when she died, and now it might be yours for the opening bid of $900. Heck, as of this morning, just the 84 grams of gold are worth over $5000, and the cocktail party stories you can tell are priceless. The auction is full of personal items like his monogrammed port-a-bar, postcards from Elvis, and this ruffled tuxedo. Is the lesson to have more kids? To start a museum? Is this the best ending for these personal items? I know everything must come to an end, but seeing things like this always chokes me up. 


Lot# 110912: Robert Goulet Gold Hot Dog