Ride The Rails to San Bernardino This Weekend


Join the top hat-and-sash wearing mayor of San Bernardino as he officially inaugurates this year’s San Bernardino Railroad Days at Los Angeles Union Station on Saturday April 16th. Reserve a ticket and climb aboard the contingent of antique train cars including a working barber shop, bar car (it’s cocktail hour somewhere in the world) wood paneled smoking lounge and glass domed observation car. A real steam-powered locomotive, the BNSF #3751, pulls the whole menagerie sixty miles east. Your first and final stop is the restored 1918 Mission Revival Santa Fe depot in San Bernardino (remember when Angelina Jolie visited in Changeling?) where you’ll be greeted by more dignitaries, olde tyme bands and a mechanical bull! What more could you ask for? Head back on the afternoon Metrolink train or stay overnight and take the iron horse back in the morning. You could be a spoilsport and drive to the free festivities, like 8000 people did last year, but don’t the throttle jerkers, switch monkeys and Pocatello yardmasters deserve your full attention?