Put Some Seuss In Your Spring


April 1st seemed like a good day to pay homage to Dr. Seuss and steer you toward a great little exhibit with some awesomely “secret” artwork from the creator of Sneetches and Skrinks. Sarah Bain Gallery in Brea is the Los Angeles-area stop for a new exhibit of paintings, sketches and memorabilia from the Seuss family archives that veers way more into fine art, kinda dark and mysterious fine art, than we’ve ever seen before. The private stuff is exhibited alongside panels that follow his evolution from an advertising illustrator hawking beer and bug spray, to his government propaganda work, where he served alongside Frank Capra and Chuck Jones, smashing Hitler and Hirohito during WWII. There’s a side trip to his “unorthodox taxidermy,” animals like the Carbonic Walrus and Flaming Herring sculpted from zoo boneyards, and finally to the iconic children’s books that made his reputation in the 1950’s. His laborious methods are laid out with printer’s proofs riddled with elaborate notes about his color techniques, and the exacting perfection of his loose lines. When the artist died in 1991, more than 8000 paintings, drawings, and notebooks were donated to the University of California at San Diego. This is a rare chance to purchase a posthumous reproduction or even see this material without a dig through the archive. A selection from his collection of distinct and unusual hats will be on exhibit in Laguna Beach in May. Put some Seuss in your spring!