How Do You Pronounce “Philippe” of Philippe the Original?

Opinions apparently differ, as they tend to when it comes to French dips

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I love Philippe but don’t know how to pronounce it. My mom says it’s “fih-LEE-pays.” A friend calls it “fih-LEEPS.” What do you say?

Wolfgang Puck calls the sandwich shop “fah-LEEP-puzz,” and Emeril Lagasse says, “fuhLEEPS.” Fourth-generation owner Mark Massengill says, “fuhLEEP-eees.” Founder Hypolite Philippe Mathieu, born in Pontis, France, in 1877, is not around to ask, but his grandson, also named Philippe, remembers the way his namesake pronounced it. “It’s ‘fee,’ like a charge for something,” he says, “and ‘LEAP,’ like to jump.”

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