On the Hollywood American Legion building, the names of two WWI generals—Foch and Pershing —are engraved at the top. A third name has been “erased.” Whose name was it? Why was it taken off?

The structure, completed in 1929, looks like a polychromatic Masonic temple with a copper tower. Your question was just what I needed to wrangle an invitation inside. A legion officer, Terance Duddy, showed me architectural blueprints that called for the names of Allied commanders to be baked into panels around the top of the cupola by Gladding, McBean, makers of artistic terra-cotta. Originally the plans called for two names on each of three sides, but then two more names were added for the fourth side. Duddy led me up a dark stairway onto a parapet, where I could see large spaces between the names, but nothing has been erased. Not all of the names on the tiles match those on the blueprints. At some point somebody did a bit of editing. Now come get me down.
Photograph courtesy hollywoodpost43.org