New Movie Wrong Is So Right


I dropped in to the USC School of Cinematic Arts last night and caught a screening of the surrealist comedy Wrong and I’m still trying to figure it out. The absurdist lost-dog-in-a-parallel-universe picture stars Jack Plotnick and was written, shot and edited by Quentin Dupieux. The two previously worked together on the infinitely darker and more twisted sentient-tire picture Rubber. That one is on your Netflix, go try to watch it. Whoa. I’m still not over it. Well, Plotnick is wonderful as the sad sack character Dolph, who lives in a Pasadena bungalow and wanders the streets of Los Angeles encountering a motley bunch of quirky characters while looking for his dog and for reality. “I’m going to see David Lynch next week,” a stranger sitting nearby whispered. “I’m going to tell him he has to see this movie.” The picture has a one-week run at Cinefamily starting Friday. I give it two paws up.