New Hotel on Sunset Strip Might Save Mid Century Bank


There’s finally a glimmer of hope for fans of the glitzy zigzag bank building at Sunset and Crescent Heights. The mid century Lytton Savings (Now Chase) branch marked the Eastern end of the Sunset Strip, but now stands in the way of a major new hotel and retail project but an Environmental Impact Report released today calls out a way of saving architect Kurt Meyer’s 1959 work, restoring artwork at the site (The Family by David Green), and even adding a little green space by reworking the traffic island that was home to the 1960s teen club Pandora’s Box. Plans call for towers of 8 and 16 stories, a hotel, and a mysterious “flagship” retail store. The land has a storied past as the location of the Garden of Allah hotel, famed movie star hangout of the 1920s and onetime home of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Robert Benchley.