My Ed Wood Surf Rock Hollywood Boulevard Adventure


One of the great joys of living in Los Angeles is that we have so many people pursuing their creative dreams that you can serendipitously stumble into some exotic new world of entertainment every night. Last Friday I tried to catch the 7 o’clock screening of Brooklyn at the Los Feliz Cinema but arrived closer to 7:30, so wandering down Hollywood Boulevard (as I so often do) I dropped in to Trepany House at CFI which was about to begin the “world premiere” for a film called Surf 9 From Outer Space. What? A surf music homage to Ed Wood held at a skeptic’s society? OK, I’m in. The short was more like an extended music video from surf rocker Laramie Dean, who turned out to be a member of Dick Dale’s touring band with Dale’s son Jimmy on drums. Dean took the stage to tell a sad tale about ill health and how he “lost everything in the pawn shop” that would have been more appropriate for a blues concert. Poor guy. I ran into the world’s biggest Wood collector Jason Insalaco, who introduced me to a fellow who was raising funds to produce Ed Wood: The Musical. Then we all watched Plan 9 From Outer Space together. Talk about life imitating art. I hope they can stage it. Some of the songs are pretty good, and everybody loves an underdog story.