Mother/Daughter Wilshire Walk


In the late 1970s Marlene Laskey took her daughter Anne on a series of epic field trips along Wilshire Boulevard. Every Tuesday afternoon they would walk a segment of the “Grand Concourse of Los Angeles” photographing the urban streetscape. Marlene was a student at UCLA and her teenage daughter was the principal shooter. Anne, who now works for the Los Angeles Conservancy, has donated a thousand slides to the Los Angeles Public Library photo collection and they are available online. You can stroll the Boulevard with these ladies and see our city as it appeared during the Carter administration. There wasn’t much construction going on – lots of leftovers from the postwar era – but they did stop at the newly completed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences building in Beverly Hills and snapped what is perhaps my favorite photo in the collection – this touching image of the two at work. Thank you Marlene and Annie. 

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