Modern Architecture Kings Neutra and Schindler Reunite in a New Play

Site-specific production <em>The Princes of Kings Road</em> is being staged at the original Neutra offices in Silver Lake

The Herald-Examiner building, the Los Angeles Theatre downtown, and Johnie’s coffee shop at Wilshire and Fairfax have been closed for decades but hang on as locations for filming and special events. These ghost buildings sit empty but waiting to spring back to life at a moment’s notice. The architectural office of Richard and Dion Neutra in Silver Lake has been underutilized for much of the last decade, but collaboration between a group of artists and the architect’s son Dion has opened the doors once again. The 1950 building is now the Neutra Institute Museum of Silver Lake and has been hosting exhibits all summer. The most ambitious production so far is The Princes of Kings Road opening on September 11. Earlier this year playwright Tom Lazarus staged a reading of his work about architects Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler reuniting after a 23-year estrangement. Dion Neutra was in the audience and offered his building to the show. The true story has the two friends, and icons of California modernism hashing out their differences while unexpectedly sharing a hospital room at Cedars of Lebanon. Their collaboration in the 1920s created a new type of architecture that changed California forever. The homes of Neutra and Schindler have since become museums. The Princes of Kings Road runs through October 4 at the Neutra Institute at 2379 Glendale Boulevard.